John Mudd

John is a licensed attorney in private practice in Puerto Rico since 1983.  He is a recognized specialist in Federal practice and mass tort litigation.  John has exceptional knowledge of administrative procedures, rules of evidence, and trial practices and outstanding research skills in Federal, commonwealth, and State Law.  John is fluid in both the English and Spanish language.

Cate Long

Cate has written extensively about Puerto Rico's debt since March 2012 when she predicted a future insolvency for the Commonwealth.  She holds two U.S. patents and has extensive experience lobbying Congress and advocating at the SEC.  She created and led an open source project for the staff of the U.S. House and Senate as they researched and wrote Dodd Frank.


Puerto Rico Clearinghouse provides bondholders independent research & analysis on the legal and legislative efforts to restructure the municipal debt of the Commonwealth.

We offer a subscription service and the flexibility to engage us for projects ranging from evaluating current litigation in both federal and state courts, document collection, translation services and news monitoring.

​The firm's principals have extensive background researching and evaluating these issues.